Prime Potomac

Prime Potomac is a diversified and fully integrated group that transforms communities and fosters growth around the world. We are a vibrant network of over 6 000 professionals whose goal is to solve our clients' most complex and demanding challenges. Our capabilities include Design & Construction Management, Wood Products Supply, Oil & Gas Trading, Water Supply, Food Production and Leisure Services. No matter where we work, we take pride in connecting our global expertise with local perspective, therefore bringing together the right disciplines and resources to deliver success.



Ben Modo founded Prime Potomac in 2006, under the name Premiere Construction. 

In 2014, the Company was reorganized in the state of New York, and adopted its current name.

Mr. Modo graduated from New York University with a master's degree in Real Estate Finance & Investment. 

Ben Modo oversees our Company's operations and strategy.

Our Belief


We believe that each community deserves forward-thinking infrastructure that sustain development. 

We believe that only those products and services that improve lives need to be made available. 

We believe that projects should be delivered in a way that eliminates wastee, and reduces costs. 

We deliver great forward-thinking projects at extremely competitive costs.